Late S. Ujagar Singh and S. Gurmail Singh, this father son duo started it all. We started way back in the 1960s. We started off making hydraulic press machines for the rubber industry and cycle tyre plants. While working we got an opportunity to make press machines for the leather industry. We took the opportunity with both the hands and made the first manually operated Hydraulic Press Machine for leather in 1970. This machine was sold to Canton Tannery (Mr. Henry Lim) of Calcutta at a price of Rs 85,000 only. From there on we never looked back.

We started making semi automatic and finally fully automatic machines in the year 1980. In these machines one could hold the pressure for a certain time period to achieve better embossing results on the leather. After that we discontinued the manually operated machines and started making only fully automatic ones. We got a great support from all the clients all over India. We even exported some machines to Vietnam, Canada, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sudan.

In the year 2001, we made the first 800 Tons press machine having a table size of 1370mm x 1000mm. Nobody in India had attempted this machine ever. Mr. P. Chidambaram, had inaugurated our machine at Chennai.We got an overwhelming response from this model, especially from our clients in the south. This machine was being ideally used for sheep and goat leather since the entire hide could be pressed in a single stroke.

We were again given a great opportunity by TATA International Ltd, Dewas for manufacturing a high speed machine having a table size of 1500mm x 1000mm and a capacity of 1000 Tons. We supplied the first such machine in 2009. They were extremely satisfied and ordered us another machine. In 2011 we supplied them the other machine. Now in all they are using two such machines. This became another feather in out hat! Based on all the experience we are now making quite a number of models. Please do have a look at our products section. We are continually in the drive to develop more and more in this field and come up with newer products. We even plan to make rotary ironing and embossing machines in the near future.

S.Gurmail Singh

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